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At the end of 2019, there were as many as  668 children in a single alternative care institution.

This means that somewhere next to us, almost 17,000 children will fall asleep tonight in a wrong bed. That's ~ 17,000 pairs of eyes staring at the ceiling, wondering what tomorrow will bring. Some of them are still full of faith in a happy life, some do not fully understand their plight, and still others have lost hope and do not seem to wait for anything anymore.

All children are equally confused. Neither of them can cuddle up to their mom or dad.

"Find me" social campaign (see on Facebook)


The campaign aims to increase the number of foster families, primarily in Lower Silesia, but also throughout the country, and to raise public awareness of foster parenthood.

We want to draw the attention of residents to the constantly growing number of children with an unregulated legal situation, i.e. one that prevents the initiation of the adoption process.


Unfortunately, the time needed to explain the legal situation of a child in Poland takes up to several years. During this time, the child goes to foster care (to a foster family or to an educational institution) and waits for the matter to be resolved. Only after that, the child can go to new parents.

What does this mean in practice for the child?

It is a very difficult time filled with fear and uncertainty. After all, the child is in a strange place and does not know anyone. It is surrounded by other children and has no moment of privacy.  She misses her mother a lot, her room and her favorite mug.  H eh the caregivers do their best to tame the child with the new situation,  devoting your time and attention to him,  they cannot provide him with what is most important - a feeling of permanence and immutability. A child who is facing great changes instinctively searches for something solid and certain in his life.  It is lost .

Children in foster families and the impact on their lives

The child does not know it yet, but staying in institutional foster care will have a huge impact on his life .

  • She probably won't learn to bond and will have trouble forming close relationships.

  • Making independent decisions and resourcefulness will never become his strengths.

  • He will not have a sense of agency and control over his life.

  • Expressing emotions, resolving conflicts  and reaching compromises will become a big problem.

We want to help and we want all children who are waiting for their legal situation to be settled, to be able to go to foster families and wait out this difficult time surrounded by family warmth and love.

If the topic of foster parenting is close to you and you want to learn more, please visit the About foster family section for more information. In it you will learn, inter alia, what are the types of families  placeholders and who can create it . You will learn the exact requirements for candidates for foster parents , as well as the rights and obligations.

If you are wondering what steps should be taken to create a Foster Family, please visit the First Steps tab, where we provide a simple overview of what to do and what to consider before making a decision.

The campaign is co-financed by the EY Foundation and is carried out in cooperation with:


The campaign is under the honorary patronage of:

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If you have questions about foster parenting, please contact PCPR / MOPS in your city or leave us a message.  ​​

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