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Why is it worth it?






Why is it worth it? 

You gain new skills and knowledge

By actively participating in the activities of the Foundation, you have a chance to gain

the skills and knowledge that is appreciated so much and that will help you develop
further. Participation in voluntary work and cooperation with others allows you to discover
your own talents and realizing them. If you have trouble making contacts, if you are
shy, this is the perfect place to practice your character and learn new interpersonal


Complete your CV

Volunteering is highly appreciated by international companies.

For people who want to go abroad and want to enrich their CV

- volunteering is the perfect opportunity!


You get satisfaction

The "Przystanek Rodzina" Foundation helps foster families, and above all, children. There is
nothing more beautiful than seeing gratitude in the eyes of a child, or watching how the
mentee develops and achieves success under the Foundation's wings. For people who
believe in karma - yes, good karma comes back to us :)

Pomagasz innym

The Foundation "Przystanek Rodzina" deals with multiple activities

to support foster families. By joining us you will help some of the most vulnerable

groups in our society: children who need and deserve care.

All interested parties are invited! Send your application choosing the selected ad!
If you want to help in various fields or you can't decide? Mention it in your application.

We’re waiting for you!

Czekamy na Ciebie!

You help when you can!

You help in ways you enjoy!

You broaden your horizons!

You make new friends!

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