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Give  Holidays for Children







Do you remember your first camp? Do you remember how old you were then?  Do you remember what you felt about the fact that a completely new stage in your life is opening up for you - the first almost independent holiday trip? Not all children are lucky enough to spend their carefree summer time as they should - on holidays under the pear tree, away from troubles at home. Some of them struggle to bear the burden of family tragedies. The consequences of a difficult childhood include problems with concentration, hyperactivity, aggression, problems with controlling emotions.


It is very important to us that the children can remain children and enjoy their holidays to the fullest.

Because we want them to spend their free time in the right way, we organize summer camp trips to the Health Promotion Center in Taraska.

More details about the Donate program  You can read Holidays for Children on the website of our friends, the Art Of Living Foundation, which implemented it in 2014. So far 550 children have benefited from the Foundation's help - that's 550 smiles!


 The Center offers mindfulness classes aimed at reducing stress. A stay there for children from family foster care means: 

- learning to cope with stress and emotions
- improving concentration
- building self-esteem

- learning responsibility and teamwork
- development of leadership competences
- addiction prevention

Children's stays in Taraska are possible thanks to our friends from the Art Of Living Foundation To support us and increase the number of children we can invite to Taraska, you can donate your 1.5% tax to us, by entering the number in the tax return in the appropriate box KRS0000495960 and in the "detailed information" field, enter the specific purpose: HOLIDAYS FOR CHILDREN.

All funds collected in this way will be allocatedFor trips of children from family foster care to the Health Promotion Center in Taraska.

2) Sports camps as part of the #PodarujWakacje campaign

Since 2021, in collaboration with the To Się Uda Foundation, we invite children from foster care families to sport summer and winter camps. Active recreation and sports activities are a hit for children from foster care because they help, among others: relieve tension, release stress, improve fitness and circulation, strengthen muscles, allow you to work on motor coordination, and are great fun, improve your mood, integrate and teach teamwork, creativity and cleverness.


We obtain funds for sports camps from donors and companies with which we cooperate, as well as as part of the special #PodarujWakacje, founded by the To Się Uda Foundation.


Do you want to support us in these activities?

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