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We have helped children in foster care and their families since 2014.

Family on a digital tablet

What is a foster family?

Foster family is a form of alternative care for children who, for certain reasons, cannot be under the care of their biological parents. People who are not the child's parents take care of them, giving them a chance to grow up in a family setting.

How can you help children foster care?

Construction volunteers

Make a donation or get your team involved

 as part of employee volunteering.

For companies

Dad's lessons

Tutoring for children

Join the Key to Tomorrow project and help children catch up on their learning.


Holiday camps

Make a donation and help children go to their first summer or winter holiday camp.

Thanks to you, in 2023 we managed to:


provide legal advice in the foster care system to over 120 people


invite over 200 children to summer and winter camps


organize Christmas gifts for over 400 children


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Partners and friends

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